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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wow - almost a year!

Rowan's first birthday is coming soon - and I just can't believe it is almost a year since she was born - and over a year since I started this blog! LOL

I know I haven't been the most consistance - but I haven't given up on the blog either.

You know - it is funny how your wants and needs change so drastically when you have a child.

When I go to Target - I realized that I now b-line to the baby/toddler clothes. I don't think I have bought something for myself since I was pregnant (thank goodness my mother has - otherwise I would have a very pathetic wardrobe right now)

Also - I am having surgery on my back next month - nothing really huge, but I will be in the hospital for 2-3 days - and of course I won't be able to put my baby to bed - or many other things. And then when I get out of the hospital, I won't be able to pick her up for a while afterwards - and of course this really has me bummed.

I know I will survive - it is just interesting how things change so completely.


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