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Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Family Question

What did you do child(ren)'s first birthday? Do you wish you did something else?

I haven't had her first birthday yet - but I plan on having it at a small place a friend of mine told me about w/fmaily and friends - no regrets as of yet, ask me again in 4 months :-)

Not chicken noodle AGAIN!!!

Not chicken noodle AGAIN!!!
Not chicken noodle AGAIN!!!,
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she was very sleepy - but I thought this was just the cutest thing :-)

I TOLD you I don't WANT to go to sleep!

My child - I tell ya - she was midfit - I pull out the camera, and she starts to ham it up, smiling with tears running down her face.

Now isn't this just the cutest baby

Don't you just love it when you get a shot of your little one with her biggest grin - a light in her eyes - everything looks great (except that her head is chopped off - but I got the best art - her grin!)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Madness

1. The store clerk undercharges you for an item you purchase? Depends on how much I was undercharged - if it was just a few bucks, and I noticed, then I would probably take the money and run - but aver a few dollars I would say something.

2. The cashier gives you change for a fifty dollar bill when you only gave her a twenty, and you don't realize it until you're out the door? I would go back and give him/her the money - cashiers can be fired if thier drawer is too short, I would not want to be the cause of that.

3. You see your best friend's husband/wife with another woman/man at a neighborhood restaurant? How with another woman/man? I would probably mention it in innocence - now if it was obviously a date, then yes I would tell her, if not call her from the restaraunt.

4. Your 15 year old asks you if you ever tried an alcoholic beverage before you were of legeal drinking age (and you have)? Good question - I think I would be honest, and explain why it wasn't a good idea.

5. You find a one hundred dollar bill laying on the floor of a department store? I would look around and see if anyone was looking for something - check and see what they were looking for - if it was the money I would hand it over - otherwise I would keep it.

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