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Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Madness

1. What book are you currently reading? (from dawn) The latest of the Samaria novels by Sharon Shinn

2. Have you ever experienced the loss of a pet? How did you deal with it? Would you get a new pet, and why? (from peanutbutterfly) It was so long ago (I was 6 or 7) that I don't remember. I don't think I would be able to get a new pet right away, I would need to heal some first.

3. Is anyone in your family in the armed services? (from teresa) No - thank goodness (though I would be proud of them if they were - I am just glad I don't have to worry like that)

4. If you have or have had a girlfriend/boyfriend, did you tell your parents about her/him without them prying for the information? (from shady88) LOL - no one in my family knew about my boyfriend until I told them I was expecting (most of my friends didn't know either) I am extremely private about that part of my life. And no I didn't get pregnant to a one night stand - we had been together a while. Still are, with our wonderufl daughter.

5. What was your favorite childhood pet and tell me a few things about it. (from beth) My first cat - Tiger, an orange tabby. He looked just like Morris. He is the one that died when I was 6 or 7 - on the day of my birthday party, it was very sad.

6. Have you ever been in love? (from seren) But of course - still am!

7. What's your favorite activity? (from robyn) Well, that is a loaded question! But, I will keep it clean ;-) and say playing Everquest 2.

Kiss of the Dragon

Kissing of the Dragon
Kissing of the Dragon,
originally uploaded by melw1206.
She of course was trying to EAT the dragon - but it sure does look like she is stealing a smooch :-)

Someone get me outta here!

Someone get me outta here!
Someone get me outta here!,
originally uploaded by melw1206.
I was just snapping away and happened to capture this - I think she was about to start chewing on the plastic - but it ended up looking like she was desperate to get out :-)

Chillin' in her Ride

Chillin' in her Ride
Chillin' in her Ride,
originally uploaded by melw1206.
Rowan has this funny way of proping one foot up on her drink tray in her stroller - I find it amusing, and ended up getting the cute shot to show everyone else her laid back personality.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Brunch

"Health food makes me sick." -Calvin Trillin

1) What is your favorite fast food restaurant? I visit McDonalds the most - but I like Chick-Fil-A and Wendy's the best.

2) How many times per week do you eat fast food? Entirely too much - about 5 times a week.

3) Describe your favorite fast food meal. The bacon ranch chicken sandwich from Wendy's. They don't have it very often.

4) Do you always Super-Size your meal? I never supersize - don't need to add insult to injury! LOL

5) What is your least favorite fast food restaurant? Hardees - I love thier burgers, but only when I am real hungry - everything else on the menu can go.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Daily Dirt

1. Fire broke out at your workplace, what are the 3 things you will grab before evacuation? 1. My Purse 2. My picture frame w/the picture of Rowan in it 3. My dayplanner

2. What happened if it broke out at home? I would first grab my dog and my child - and of course make sure Jeremy got out. Second would be my laptop and digital camera.

3. Imagine you're trapped and surrounded by ferocious flames, what will you do? If there was no chance for me to get out I would breath in as much smoke as I could so I wouldn't have to be burned to death.

4. Will you save your mom or your grandma first? Definitely my mom. Of course I would attempt to save my grandmother as well.

5. Are you prepared in any case of fire? No - and just answering these questions scares the hell out of me.

Friday, July 01, 2005

She is growing so fast ....

I was looking at past posts, and decided to add another thought I had about RoRo the other day.

I realized that as she gets more personality - the closer I feel to her. The more I want to see her - just so I can see her unique personality emerge. Oh - she is stubborn, and persistant - and well, all of those things that can drive any parent crazy - but this is her that is coming out. She is also very curious, has a great sense of humor - and loves her mommy and daddy (well, maybe not love yet - but we are her favorite people).

It is so funny to watch her check out the inside of her mouth with her new teeth - she gets what I like to call an 'old man' look - or when she gets really excited about something - or really determined to get it - she crinkles up her nose and makes this funny breathign noise - almost like she is panting. It is absolutely adorable - and funny.