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The ramblings of a first time mother in relation to motherhood.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sunday Brunch

"A turkey never voted for an early Christmas." -Irish proverb

  1. What is your favorite Christmas song? Santa Baby
  2. Do you send Christmas cards? Yes
  3. Artificial or real Christmas trees? Artificial - the real ones may smell nice but I hate having to clean up after them.
  4. What is your favorite Christmas d├ęcor? (ie, trees, snowmen, stockings, Santa) Snowmen
  5. Do you attend any religious services on Christmas? No

"An income tax form is like a laundry list -- either way you lose your shirt." -Fred Allen

  1. Do you use fabric softener or softener sheets? Softener Sheets
  2. Do you dry clean clothes on a regular basis? No - I try to make it a point not to buy dry clean only clothes.
  3. Do you do laundry as it piles up or do you wait until you are out of clean clothes? We either do it once a week, or when we run out of clothes.
  4. Do you use a clean towel every day for your shower or use the same one throughout the week? Same one for about three showers, then get a new one, so more than one through out the week.
  5. Who does the laundry in your household? It is a joint effort, and when Rowan is old enough it will be a family effort.

Starting to kind of get the hang of this mommy business

Of course I don't think I will ever fully get the hang of it! :-)

I have had several thoughts of things that I want to put in this blog about my thoughts and such - but of course I don't have nearly the time that I thought I would have on my hands - and when I do have the time, updating a blog is the farthest thing from my mind :-)

But now that Christmas is just about over (Merry Christmas everyone!) perhaps I will actually get my thoughts down. :-) I will definitely work on that soon!

Until then, thanks for the peak into my brain :-D.