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The ramblings of a first time mother in relation to motherhood.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Chick Chat

The "Girls"...

1. Bra's: Underwire or Softcup?: Underwire before I got pregnant, and soft cup now - I will probably go back to underwire after birth - at least a soft underwire - and definitely will after I finish nursing.

2. Do you wish your 'girls' were bigger?: Oh heck no!! They are too big as it is!

3. Have you ever used cleavage to get your way?: Not intentionally; however, I think it has inadvertently been useful at times.

4. How many Victoria's Secret bra's do you own?: Hmm - I own about 3 or 4 - but they fall apart too easy - I just get the kind that you don't wear too long *wink*wink*

5. Would you get implants if they were free?: Nope - see my answer to # 2. Now I would possibly consider a reduction if it were free, but surgery freaks me out a little.

Confessions of a soon to be mommy

I have two baby showers coming this weekend. One is at work on October 1st - Friday. The other is on October 2nd - Saturday.

My co-worker and friend Erin is putting together the one for the 1st (she is also going to be at the one on the 2nd, which is meant for close friends and family) and today I saw her furtively put together some of the money that people are contributing for a joint gift certificate (I only know that this is what she is doing b/c they did the same thing for my other co-worker/friend, Stephanie's shower 6 weeks ago) - and that got me a little more excited about the upcoming shower. (I hope to get the pack -n- play with the donations).

Then my other co-worker/friend, Reenie, tells me that she already went shopping for me - she is such a tease!! And she won't be at the Friday shower, she is going to be at the Saturday shower - so now I have to wait even longer for her gift (not that it is really an issue).

Not to mention that last night I had a dream about the shower!! I can't believe I am that worked up about it - I am acting like a kid before Christmas - I am excited about seeing and playing with everyone - but I am really excited about the gifts!! Am I just greedy?? LOL - I mean, I try to rationalize my greed by saying to myself that none of the gifts will be for me - but who am I kidding!! Like Rowan will care about the cute little outfits, or the pack -n- play. I am sure she will appreciate a bouncy chair and the wiper warmer - but for the most part everything on the registry - and everything that we will be getting will be for me and the daddy - at least for our convenience.

But I can't stop myself! I just want to see all of the cute little outfits everyone will pick out - and what kind of toys Rowan (we) will get - Right now I want that almost as much as I want to see my baby live (rather than just in ultrasound pictures).

Oh wow - see my baby live - then that would mean that I was really a mommy *shudder* - but that is a whole 'nother blog entry about my mixed feeling there! (just scared as hell, and excited beyond belief)

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Madness

Name THREE of your........

1. Pet Peeves: Hearing people eat, hearing people clip thier fingernails, people who drive in the fast lane when they shouldn't be.
2. Favorite Sounds: The ring I assigned to my family on my cell, music - what kind depends on the sound, my puppy barking - she tries to sound so ferocious
3. Desk Items: tape, sticky notes, stapler
4. Biggest Fears: snakes, being a mom, a dabilitating disease that I can not control
5. Biggest Challenges: staying focused at work, eating right, getting the motivation to do the laundry and the dishes more often.
6. Newest 'Toys': Sims 2, Pocket PC, Blogs
7. Most Used Words: It is a phrase - How cute is that?
8. Most Mispelled Words: thier - and I can't think of any others, but I am sure there are more.
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Eeyore, Mulan, Pluto
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: The Sims 2 , Blogger , Baby Center

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday Brunch

1) If you had a wedding, what flowers did you have at your wedding? Never had a wedding - so can't answer this one. :-)

2) What is your favorite flower? daisies, mums, tulips, lillies

3) Do you have flowers as part of your landscaping outside or your interior decor? I don't know if you would call it a part of my decor :-) But I have a pot of mums that sit on my sink, and some mums on my porch. Unfortunately I can not seem to keep either of them alive :-(

4) If you went to your high school prom(s), what kind of flower did you wear in your corsage or boutonniere? Oh my - I definitely don't remember that. LOL - yeah, I am getting old!

5) Do you like to receive flowers as a gift or do you think it is a waste of money? depends - I think roses are a waste of money, as they require no thought on the part of the buyer - but a well thought out bouquet, that is never a waste of money :-).

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Had a great experience w/the ultrasound!

Oh, I had so much fun looking at my baby in 3D. I posted all of the pics on her website, but here is my favorite.

Off to see the U/S person

Today I go to see my baby in 3D :-D

Jeremy and I are very excited about this, and can't wait to show off the pictures that we hope to get. I will probably be posting the pics on her website tonight when I get home (around 5:30 or 6pm)

Friday, September 24, 2004


What is the biggest fear you've had to face? Now that it's over would it scare you to confront it again? Telling my mother that I was pregnant. I am not married, and wasn't sure what her reaction would be. She ended up being ecstatic about it, which would make facing it again a lot easier :-).

What is your greatest fear that you have not met yet? If you were paid loads of money, would you willingly face it? LOL - I am going to face it whether I get paid loads of money or not - and that is giving birth. I am sure by the time I go into labor, I will be wanting to give birth, but until then, that is my biggest fea. Then I will have a life that I am completely responsible for - one that is dependent upon me for everything - that is a wee bit frightening as well.

What is something most people are afraid of, but you don't have a problem with? Why do you think that is? Bugs - they don't really bother me at all. I suppose it is because I have grown up in the south - and lets face it, there are a lot of bugs down here, between the roaches and the mosquitos and the love bugs and the spiders - we got our fair share of bugs, if I was afraid of them, I wouldn't live a very full life. Now snakes on the other hand - *shudder*.

Appreciate your opinion - but doing what I want

I have one comment so far on this blog, and of course it has succeeded in irritating me. :-) Please bear in mind that I am very pregnant, and what would not normally irritate me is doing so now.

Anyway, you can read the comment for yourself if you would like (it is on my very first post) and agree or disagree with the 'Anon' poster. I am ammused by the fact that this person felt compelled to give me her opinion, but then did not feel that she needed to leave a trace back to her. Call me funny, but if I am that vocal about what I think, then I want people to know who I am - but that could just be me.

Anyway - the comment prompted me to make this entry here. Please feel free to give me your opinions - I may get irritated if you disagree with me, but I will get over it :-) Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Ultrasounds: There are those of the belief that if you get an ultrasound it will give radiation to the baby. What confuses me about this belief is that pictures of an ultrasound are made with sound waves - hence the name. Now - if I were running out once or twice a week, then perhaps there would be cause for concern - but by the end of my 33rd gestational week, I will have had 4 ultrasounds done. The first one was orderred by my doctor, to check everything out - your basic level one ultrasound. The second one was again orderrd by my doctor a month after the first, because the u/s technician could not get a good look at the heart, so they took another look to make sure everything was developing like it should. The 3rd ultrasound was once again orderred by my doctor - this was a couple of months after the 2nd one. This time my belly was measuring about 6 weeks ahead of schedule - and I had just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD) - they wanted to measure my little girl to make sure there would be no complications during the birth. Luckily she just had an early growth spurt - and was measuring just a tad over average size (i.e. vaginal birth still looks promising). Now the 4th ultrasound is something that I am doing extra - I would like to get a picture of my little girl in the womb. You may disagree with me about this, and that is fine - but I am basing my decision on the fact that I have had several friends and family with high risk pregnancies and were getting ultrasounds at least once a month if not every other week - and thier babies are perfect and healthy. I am not concerned that this will affect the health of my baby. And given my status of GD, I will more than likely be ordered one or two more ultrasounds before I deliver by my doctor.

Natural vs. Medicated Birth: If you have had your baby all natural - more power to you, and congratulations. Since I do not foresee anyone coming to give me a pat on the back, or a medal because I chose to go through a lot of pain rather than get an epidural, I am choosing to get an epidural. Again - I have done the 'research' on epidurals. I have yet to meet a baby or child (and I know quite a few) that has been worse off because thier mother chose to get an epidural. I will not get demoral (sp?) because I have seen instances where this can affect the baby. So if for some reason I can not get an epidural I will get stadol, or go natural. s far as the risks of an epidural to me - that is a choice that I am willing to make, I have heard of some instances where people have had headaches or lower back pain in relation to the epidural, but that has been few and far between - I am willing to take my chances. Please remember that this is my, and Jeremy's, decision.

Breastfeeding: I am going to breastfeed for 12-14 months, unless Rowan decides to ween herself earlier than that. I am going to breastfeed only for 6-7 months. Jeremy has a lot of allergies and asthma, I am trying to avoid that for my little girl. Also, my mother had breast cancer (it was caught before it became cancerous, thank God), and as most know, breastfeeding the the best defense against breast cancer. I have absolutely nothing against those that choose to bottle feed, as I have heard breastfeeding can be very difficult for some, or it just may not be conducive to thier schedules - that is up to them, as long as they are feeding thier baby, it is not my concern how they choose to go about it.

Attachment Parenting: OK - I haven't done much research on this subject - simply because when I started researching it totally freaked me out! The idea of attachment parenting really sounded to me like it was promoting co-dependency in my child. This goes so completely against to core of who I am. One thing about myself that I am very proud of and want to pass on to my daughter is my sense of independence. I had a strong sense of self even in High School - and attachment parenting makes me feel that I would be undermining that particular trait in myself. I will love my daughter with all of my heart, but I will also let her go when I need to. (I know easier said than done)

Please do not assume that your way of parenting is the best, or tell me that my daughter will thank me for doing things your way. My mother formula fed me, smoked while she was pregnant with me, sometimes forgot I was even there while my sister and I were pummeling each other - I don't know if she had a medicated birth - but probably. And you know what - I thank her every day that she gave birth to me. I thank her every day for the way that she raised me. No she wasn't perfect, but then who the hell is??? So my point is, everyone has thier own diverse way of doing things, and that is what makes this world so gosh darn interesting!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

3D/4D Ultrasound!

I am so excited, I will be going on Saturday is get a 3D/4D ultrasound of Rowan. My mother (Rowan's Mimima) is going to be paying for it as an early birthday gift.

I will be posting the pictures on her website as soon as I can after the visit.

I have seen her in regular u/s viewings - but with this new method I will get a better idea of what she will look like - it is very exciting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Blog just for Rowan :-)

I guess this might be more for me and my ramblings and experiences as Rowan grows.

Right now she is still in the womb, so this blog may not get many updates until she is gracing this earth with her presence, but I will be updating much more after she is born.

Just to give you a little background, I am (or will be) a first time mother - I am 29 and will be 30 in December. My boyfriend is Jeremy, and he is 31. As to wether or not we will ever get married, we don't know - but I am not worried about it - we are as commited as any married couple (I just want the ring, hehe).

Rowan is due November 19, 2004 - so check back if you want to experience the madness that is first time motherhood!